Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Monday, December 3, 2007

In class we all gave an example of how diversity in the workplace has been a positive or negative experience.

As a Latina and English being my second language, even though I was born here my parents were immigrants to this country and Spanish was the language spoken and still is in my house. As an adult now, I am fluent in Spanish and English, this semester I did my internship at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. I was the only bilingual employee in my department and I was the only one that did all of the Spanish presentations. The organization is non-profit, growing and constantly wanting to improve their services for all communities and cultures to better serve them.

I learned a lot being here and going out the different workplaces and seeing how each environment is different. I went to places were all the employees were in suit in ties, construction sites, factory sites and went to where people were still working in “the line.” It was an eye-opening experience to see how supervisor’s talked to their employees, spoke of their employees and most importantly communicated with their employees.

Diversity in the workplace I think in this country is more accepting now and especially in Texas because of the large number of immigrants residing in the state.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Scary! I knew of the Enron situation because all of the coverage it had on all the media, but I did not have the chance to study the case in depth, until now. I saw these powerful men not caring about anything else, but the millions of dollars that they were stealing from the small investors, the community members and the people that trusted them with their money-disgusting.

Enron was all an act, an illusion that hypnotized the public, the government and the country with lies of profit. One thing that I do not understand is how they stayed in business so long without being questioned on their books until everything started leaking. (Well I do know, but where was the SEC?)

From a PR stand point and with the objectives learned in ethics, I find it really hard to believe that individuals so smart and powerful thought that they were going to get away with it. I guess some questions that I would ask would be: How long were you(to the individuals involved) planning to continue this fake business? How much more money did you (individuals involved) want; you already had millions?

Big front, Jeffery Skilling the chief executive officer I found his part in the whole Enron situation that most unethical because as a leader and a person that the people (especially his employees) trusted and believed in, stood in front of company employees telling them that everything was fine knowing that they were short of going into bankruptcy.

To Customers...

A Letter to iPhone Customers
Monday, October 29, 2007

I think that Jobs, was not empathic towards his customers, and think that he could have done a better job.

Dear iPhone Customers

I apologize for the inconvenience and misunderstanding of the sudden iPhone price change. My team and I re-evaluated our product and think that this price change would benefit the technology market better and allow more customers the opportunity to purchase for the holidays.

We are truly, sorry for any inconvenience that this price change has caused you. As a token of our appreciation we would like to provide you with gift certificate of $100 redeemable at our Apple stores or AT&T locations.

Steve Jobs, CEO


Networking Online
Monday, October 22, 2007

Networking is particularly important and essential for PR practitioners. But now in days online networking can be and get a little tricky because sometimes the information is created by individual, not particularly by the company or organization. I think that we just have to be careful who we trust to get information, and making sure that the information and is credible. Personally, I like to get information from government agencies (most of the time for stats), educational site and wikipedia.org even though it’s a little untrustworthy, but helps me get a general idea.

Glengarry Glen Ross Play

Glengarry Glen Ross Play
Monday, October 15, 2007

The play was some what confusing because they talked too fast. But, after a couple of minutes of being there I got the idea they were trying to be sneaking and in the two acts someone was always try to convince or justify way they (both of them) should do something unethical to the company.

What I got out of this play was justify the means, for instance when Levene wants help in getting the Glengarry Highlands leads; he always brings up his daughter. Even though he never clearly says what is wrong with her, if there is something wrong with her.

At the same time Moss is planning to “break-in” the place to steal the leads too. The real estate business during this time was having a hard time, therefore, Roma the young salesman, tricked his customers by taking them for drinks….

The six men that were involved all showed some feature of unethical, except for Aaronow the older man that want just so nervous and desperate to get out of this situation.

Apple Case

Apple Case
Monday, September 24, 2007

A company that has been in the media recently is Apple, an innovative and elite technology company that started with one of the first PC’s. Apple has grown and developed new forms of technology that we know today. Its recognizable products have changed, improved and made the use of technology more interesting with items such as the iPod, iTunes and now the iPhone these products have revolutionized our world.

But, the only thing that has not changed nor improved is the CEO’s public relation skills. The CEO of Apple seems to not understand and empathize with his “Apple evangelists,” even though they were the individuals that stood for hours waiting to purchase this hot commodity and willing to pay the $599 for the iPhone.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Media

The Dallas Cowboys and the Media
Monday, September 12, 2007

The Dallas Cowboys and other professional sport leagues have recently been in the media for scandalous, violent and drug related issues, instead of their team effort, team plays or just for their good deeds to their fans, their community, and their stakeholders….

Because of the case that the Dallas Cowboys were involved with Michael Irving and Everett McIver and the whole “secret-internal” approach that they took only grabbed the media attention more leading them to make their conclusions and assumptions because they didn’t want “outsiders.”

I strongly believe that if they didn’t have anything to hide and everything was “really” a locker room scuffle then why did they denied any outside investigation? I don’t know, I just think that they could have had a cleaner, less negative media scope if they would have cleared everything with the media from the beginning. They could have also just simply said, “Thank you for your concern, this is exactly what happen____. Since everyone is OK and the two team members have decide not to make it bigger we [Cowboys organization is taking care of it].” Then actually have the two team members apologize for the misunderstanding of the media, fans….

I think that because of all the legal issues surrounding Michael Irving at that point they wanted to “protect” him or the “team.” They obviously didn’t not take a communitarian approach even though; the community is their number one stakeholders.